Dropper Batch Medical (DBM)

In this course, the students are methodically prepared for AIPMT in general and AIIMS in particular. The coaching will be provided in all topics of Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology for AIPMT as well as the other PMT examinations. We shall systematically teach the syllabus of PMT examinations and prepare the students to AIPMT as well as any other medical entrance examination at any level. We shall also give practice of tests on the pattern of AIPMT. The study material in all the subjects will be provided to students as and when it is necessary to update to match the competition level.

During this course, the classes will be held 6 days a week and the students will be given weekly tests for practice till a week preceding to their competitive examination. Every week these students will have to appear for a test (Weekly Test) from the syllabus taught in previous week. Regular doubt clearing classes are the integral part of this course so as to enhance individual performances. At the end of the course, students will have to go through a series of test equivalent to the standard level and the outcome of this test will be discussed by experts in the classroom to solve doubts & difficulties faced by students. Suitable expert guidance will be given to students targeting accuracy through minimising mistakes in examination environment.

During classes, applicable students will be given the practice of questions as asked in AIIMS. In the tests, wherever required, question on AIIMS pattern will be included to give them practice & exposure for AIIMS entrance examination.