Fresher Batch Engineering (FBE)

This is an integrated one year course for students studying in class XII and aspires to clear IIT-JEE or any other engineering entrance examinations. This course meticulously covers all topics of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics for IIT-JEE as well as Board examinations. The concepts of students with respect to class XI syllabus are also revised completely in examination point of view with the help of specific classroom teaching, rigorous doubt clearing sessions and tests in & after completing class XII syllabus.

Regular doubt clearing sessions and weekly test are integral part of this course so as to keep check of student’s subject concepts & fundamentals. The study material in all subjects will be given/ recommended to the students.

During this course, the classes will be held 5-6 days a week and the students will be given weekly assignment for practice in line with board & competitive examinations. Every week these students will have to appear for a test (Weekly Test) from the syllabus taught in previous week.

At the end of the course, students will have to go through a series of test equivalent to the standard level and the outcome of this test will be discussed by experts in the classroom to solve doubts & difficulties faced by students. Suitable expert guidance will be given to students in terms of time and stress management targeting accuracy through minimising mistakes in examination environment. We also focus on inherent problem of the students and make them acquainted with what to study, how to study, how much to study and when to study so that they feel comfortable and competent in their studies & exams.