Why Ambition

Why Ambition

An Edge to Achieve Success

Being a student at Ambition Institute is not just about achieving what you aspire to but it’s about growing as an individual and enjoying the ride.

With disciplined & flexible learning, our academic & personal support, one of the most impeccable systems of teaching and passionate team of academics continues to attract ignited mind and proved to be an Edge to achieve success of highest degree.

The following point in which students & parents would think before they choose us over the period of 8 year and continues to be our endeavour & patronage in which we strongly believe in that can prove necessary edge & exposure to students:

  1. All subject expert under one roof.

  2. Highly qualified, well experienced & trained teacher.

  3. Complete course coverage & revision in stipulated time.

  4. Integrated (Board Exams + Competitive Exams) and Balanced Approach (Objective Test + Subjective Test) of preparation.

  5. Customised teaching methodology.

  6. Bottom up approach of study. Start with the subject fundamental and taking it into the highest form of in depth application.

  7. Remedial classes & personalised doubt clearing sessions.

  8. Appropriate guidance & targeted assignments.

  9. Collaborative study sessions & individual attention.

  10. Exhaustive & relevant study material in line with latest pattern of competitive examination.

  11. Continuous assessment, examination tips & feedback to the concern.

  12. State of the art infrastructure to facilitate effective learning.

  13. Technology aided teaching for concept clarity & retention.

  14. Learning eco-system & competitive environment.

  15. Motivational classes.

Ambition: The system to create success

  • Standard Lecture Plan

  • Planned Test Schedule

  • Classroom Discussion of Test Questions

  • Responsive Feedback System

Ambition institute has a strong believe that a robust system can accomplish even a difficult objective with an ease. We provide an opportunity to students reaching out to us to have a trial class of a week time in which one can exposed to our system of quality education & competitive environment. After a week time, if a student find the environment, system and place comfortable and competent enough according to their expectation on various parameters, then only a student proceed to take admission with us. It simply shows how confident we are when it comes to our system of quality education. We are ready to expose our quality education as a belief that one can compromise in other things but not with education which can make their dream come true.

A structured subject wise lecture plan is followed for classroom teaching. The classroom teaching is followed by topic wise assignments with questions covering all the topics properly. A weekly test is being scheduled to understand & navigate the level of understanding & subject comprehension amongst students. The difficult questions of weekly test are discussed in the classroom. If we feel after the test that some topic has to be revisited, we responded quickly to that thorough remedial classes & doubt clearing sessions. We have a responsive feedback system through which we get to know the student requirement & system functionaries. A student can reach out to our helpdesk at any given point of time to discuss their trouble of any kind. We keep on communicating to parents about their ward performances. The system functions in a transparent & synchronised way for students, parents & institute.

Ambition: Teaching Methodology – A phenomenon

  • Customised Education Delivery

  • Standard Study Material

  • Integrated & Balanced Approach

We follow a customised education delivery system based on t67he demographics of students without compromising the subject fundamental. The teaching methodology of ambition is meticulously planned in such a way that the syllabus is complete in every sense in stipulated time and subject content is being delivered in standard frame aligned with competitive as well as board examination. Every teacher at ambition has been specifically trained to start with basic concepts and the applying these concepts to highest level of problem application. The teacher at ambition helps the students to learn how to apply the concepts & subject knowledge at high level of problems. It ensures the subject conceptual thinking of students is intact in their personality and it further helps them think independently about subject and topic.

NCERT is being thoroughly covered in every subject for better performance. Only the relevant and best reference books are recommended to the students. Every effort is made to build fundamental understanding of subject concepts. Doubt sessions and test discussions are integral part of our teaching methodology so as to make the concepts easily understandable to the highest level in every subject topic. Our teaching methodologies do take care of competitive as well as board examination which has objective & subjective pattern respectively. We are committed to use modern techniques for better understanding, concept clarity and retention of subject content.

Ambition: Assignments & Testing Ecosystem

  • Concept Targeted Assignments

  • Improve Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills

  • Learn Time & Stress Management

  • Enhance Accuracy

  • Reduce Fear of Failure

Ambition assignments and testing system give our students an advantage in terms of independent thinking about subject, know their preparation level and navigate their competition level. All the assignments are prepared by teaching faculty themselves keeping in mind the overall need of students. Multi level problems give a wide spectrum of growth to the students. Previous year questions give the student an insight of the exams they are likely to appear. Assignments are regularly upgraded keeping the competition level at mind. Tests are very carefully prepared to grill the students in every important aspect of competition and subject topic. We ensure new and unseen questions which force a student to apply their subject knowledge and learned concepts.

Weekly tests of covered topics keep a child at active mode so as to score well. Major tests are conducted every month on the latest pattern of entrance exams. Results are declared as soon as possible with predicted rank of the student. Parents are informed about the performance of their ward after every test and if a student underperforms in our test, the institute takes every possible corrective step and proper measures like motivation, extra classes and counseling which help the student to improve their performance in subsequent examination. Special studies materials are provided for different exams as well as notes are provided for board exams. We strive to take care of student holistically rather mechanically and that is where the difference lies.